Flower Care

When your flowers arrive, they will have been on quite a journey. It's important to follow the instructions in your box as soon as you can to help them look their best for as long as possible. Some wilting is normal, especially with certain varieties, but after a few hours in water, with their flower food, they will soon perk up and begin to bloom!

When Your Flowers First Arrive

It's really important that the vase you choose for your flowers is clean, otherwise bacteria can build up and shorten the life of your flowers.

Adding flower food will help your flowers bloom and last longer, use one sachet when you first arrange your flowers and save the other to use in a few days time.

Flowers should be carefully cut at an angle to avoid them "sitting" at the bottom of the vase and sealing off their water supply. It's best to use either a sharp knife, flower snips or secateurs for this job, blunt cutters will damage the stem making it harder for the flower to take up water.

What Next?

Try to display your flowers away from direct sunlight, draughts and sources of heat such as radiators. You should also keep them away from ripening fruit which can produce a gas called ethylene that will damage the flowers and shorten their vase life.

Some flowers last longer than others, keep an eye on them and remove any which are past their best, re-trim those that remain and change the water regularly.

A Note On Daffodils

If you have daffodils in your box, let them rest in a vase on their own after trimming as the sap they produce can be harmful to other flowers. After a couple of hours they can be added to the vase with the rest of the flowers.