Welcoming Local Flowers

We have a new collection in our shop! Since opening, we've sent our Letterbox Flowers far and wide, and now, we're thrilled to announce that from today we're expanding our range and adding a local delivery service too.

First up, please welcome Jam Jar Flowers!

Often seen on tables at summer weddings, these arrangements are fun and quirky, smaller than a bouquet but full of personality. And because they're delivered in water, no fuss is required once they arrive, you can simply pop them on the table and enjoy them as they are.

Photograph showing flowers arranged in a glass jar placed on a table and against a white background. The flowers include yellow Rudbeckia, blue Cornflowers, white Ammi and purple Stocks and Phlox.

From golden Sunflowers and Rudbeckia daisies to brilliant blue Cornflowers and sweetly scented Stocks, you'll find a whole host of summery blooms to brighten up your home.

Grown by us or by flower farmers nearby, our Jam Jar Flowers are a perfect way to enjoy locally grown British flowers.

We'll deliver our Jam Jar Flowers in Torbay, Newton Abbot and anywhere in-between.

Keep an eye out as we'll be adding more flowery goodness to our Local Flowers soon! 

Close up flat lay image of flowers on a table. The flowers are yellow, white, pink, blue and purple and include Larkspur, Rudbeckia, Ammi, Cornflower, Phlox and grasses.

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