September Birth Flower

Some say that Aster flowers are named after Astraea, a Greek goddess, as she lamented the lack of stars in the sky. Others say that she was grieving for the loss of lives after the earth was flooded by the god Jupiter. Either way, the ancient legends say that flowers formed on the Earth where her tears fell and were called Asters, the name for star.

While it's story may be sad, the flowers themselves are anything but. Typically flowering in late summer and early autumn (giving them their other names; September Flowers and Michlemas Daisies) they bring new splashes of colour to the garden as other flowers become more scarce. 

We have asters flowering in deep purple, light mauve, pink and white this year. They tend to have several buds on each stem and last really well as cut flowers.

As well as being the birth flower for September, they're also recognised as being the flower for 20th wedding anniversaries.

China Aster flowers in a small bud vase. Flowers are pink, mauve and purple.

They've been cultivated for around 4,000 years and are said to symbolise daintiness, elegance and patience.

At one time, the leaves were burned to ward off serpents; while we're not sure we'll do this, we certainly shall enjoy them in a vase!

Close up image of a pink Aster flower in a vase with Feverfew daisies.

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