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If you have a November birthday you're in luck, because you have one of the most popular and diverse flowers as your birthday bloom - the chrysanthemum.

Affectionately known sometimes as chrysanths or 'mums, chrysanthemum's come in all different colours, some with huge fluffy petals and others with stems of multiple starry flowers.

Japan even has a day just for chrysanthemum celebration, know as The Festival of Happiness. In China, where they are thought to have first been cultivated around 3,000 years ago, they're considered lucky and are associated with youth.

In this country, they are symbolic of honesty, cheerfulness and optimism. They always make an impressive centrepiece and last really well. My favourite this year has been the spidery yellow, orange and red blooms starring in our bouquet here.

Photograph of a bouquet of flowers being held in front of a blue top. The flowers include yellow, orange and red chrysanthemums, scabious, asters and red berries.
As well as being being beautiful, chrysanthemum's have been used in traditional medicines, as a tea, and even as an ingredient in common insecticides.
They're at their best in the autumn, so whether you have a birthday this month or not, now's the time to enjoy a bunch of 'mums!

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