December Birth Flower

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The final month of the year has an altogether different flower, not a flower exactly, but the most festive of all, the holly.

While technically a berry at this time of year, it's the perfect sprig to symbolise a December birthday.

Our connections to holly go way back; in the beginnings of Christianity the berries were thought to be stained red by the blood of Christ. Before them, Druids believed that holly brought fertility and symbolised eternal life. Celtic chieftans wore crowns of holly to bring good luck and Pagans used the branches in their celebrations for the winter Solstice.

"... Holly, Holly
And the first tree that's in the greenwood
It was the holly..."
Sans Day Carol

From these mystic roots comes our tradition of decorating our homes with greenery for winter festivals, and the holly's association to a December birth.

A favourite snack to many birds, you'll need to be quick to deck the halls, or to find a spray of wintery berries to present as a symbolic December birthday gift!

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